Your Space, Your Sanctuary.


Hello, my dears!

For today’s post, I will be writing about your space/bedroom/apartment/home and ways you can help make it a more calming and secure environment for you to come into when you’re stressed or have had a long day.

For myself, when my space is not clean or at least in some sort of order, I tend to have anxiety. I know this is common for many of us so that is my first suggestion: clean up. When we see our clothes on the floor, or there are dishes still out from a meal we previously had it can easily weigh on our thoughts because we cannot focus on anything but the mess. So, my suggestion is to try to put things away as you use them or are done with them. Try to put your clothes back on the hanger if you are not happy with your outfit, put dishes in the dishwasher or wash them immediately following your meal. It will save you so much time! If you can’t get in this habit, set a time aside each day to tidy your space so you do not need to worry about a giant mess at the end of the week.

Add essential oils to your room or living space. Essential oils can be used to calm, awaken, or even bring an inner peace to us. Essential oils can be used through a diffuser or even with a spray form. You can create your own blends or buy some in the store. I highly suggest them for anyone who does yoga or meditates as well.

Try fairy lights to brighten up a room or to create an atmosphere you want to be in. Fairy lights are an inexpensive treat which can be bought all year round and in many different colors or vibrancies. If you don’t like this idea, try anything that may warm up your space like candles(even battery operated ones) to make you feel cozy.

Decorate, exactly how you want. Make your room a vintage hideaway or a tropical paradise, or even an eclectic wonderland! It doesn’t matter what you do with your room but make it a place you want to be and know you can always feel safe and secure in. We have very little control over what goes on outside our walls but we all deserve a small space to call our own.

Decide what you allow in your space, and what you don’t allow. As in, do you want to allow yourself to feel negative or will you leave those thoughts at the door? Try using this as a new way to let things go. When you walk in your room — can you let go for a while and just focus on the good things in your life? It may be hard at first but work at it and you will find your life slowly flowing into harmony. We all need to start letting go of negativity and doubt and it may start with your sanctuary.

I hope this helped, even a little. I think we forget that our space doesn’t need to be perfect or out of a home and garden magazine, it just needs to allow us to feel safe, and when we are in it we need to take the time to heal ourselves.

All well wishes,


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