Write now.

Hello, my dears! So, I thought today I’d just post a writing sample of mine. Writing helps me to educate myself on my feelings and it is my favorite creative expression. I feel too much a lot of the time, so getting it out is very therapeutic. Hope this may inspire you to do the same today! Regular posts will be back soon! ❤

We all have a purpose. Sometimes the purpose of our lives is to simply live it without questioning this purpose, for others, it is the only question we ask ourselves. I believe my own purpose is somewhere lost in the depths of my soul, and perhaps the journey of wandering aimlessly is the only path I’ll ever know. I feel lost and insecure most days, strong and stable others. I do not know where my life is going, and sometimes it is good to be paused without a forward or reverse. Paused in motion too long, however, can result in more chaos than one would realize. In the end, we choose our purpose and mine is to laugh, love, and create. I do not have a need for material possessions or passions which involve wealth and nothing else. I’d rather help, than be helped and I wish others felt the same. We are not meant to be greedy, hateful creatures but rather kind and compassionate with a strong sense of self but a sense of those around us as well. I am a lost soul, in the rain – comfortable but cold some days. I’ll find the sun, though, and I’ll be warm again.



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