Goals for November 2017

I often find myself not setting goals at the beginning of the month but rather week by week. I found that when I do a list of monthly goals I am more likely to focus and refer back to them throughout the month. When I set weekly goals I tend to have excuses to not do them due to other obligations. So, I thought I’d hold myself accountable this month and post a list of my monthly goals and hopefully give my readers a few ideas to put on their own goal list.


  • Drink only water
  • Attend all meetings and social obligations
  • Finish my current book and pick up my next one
  • Limit spending to priority purchases
  • Walk Bella at least four times a week unless weather does not permit
  • Take medications as prescribed, daily
  • Continue volunteer work as needed
  • Buy a new bullet journal
  • Declutter closet

So, these are very simple goals that can influence the way I approach my month. I think taking the time to list down priorities and goals is very important to actually achieving them. I take the time to look back at this list over the course of the month and by the end even if I get a few things done, it is better than disregarding them completely.

I encourage you to sit down, take some time and think about what your goals for this month will be!

I hope you are all having a lovely day,


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