How To Cope With Loneliness

blog, spirituality, Uncategorized April 25, 2018

Hello, my dears!

I want to make a special post for mental health week. I know I personally have struggled with mental health issues and have constantly been working on my own recovery for the last five years. I want to address a subject which I know we all have experienced at loneliness in at least a mild form. I have suffered immensely from loneliness and choosing to isolate due to my illness so I know it quite well. I’m going to talk about how you can cope with this feeling and learn from it.

Loneliness is a feeling some of us may feel more than others, but we all feel it at one point. Whether it is feeling lonely when you’re alone, or when you’re in a crowded room, it is still valid for whichever circumstance. Loneliness can make us feel sad, uneasy, and many other emotions which should be processed.

The best part of loneliness, if there is one, is that you can change it. The feeling may not go away immediately but you can try. The best way I find my sadness goes away is by being distracted. Distracting yourself keeps you not only busy but engaged by something productive.

Here are a few things I like to do to keep my mind off being lonely:


  1. Read. Honestly, reading is so helpful because you can escape into another world and find a fictional place or a new found education on a fascinating topic. Find a new book, sit in a comfy chair, and find yourself a cup of tea. This is something you will not regret!


  1. Doodle. This is something you probably did as a kid, but it is something very creative that anyone can do. You simply sit down, think of something you want to draw and turn it into reality. It’s so much fun and you are using your creative energies on something that will make you smile when you are done.


  1. Aromatherapy. I’ve talked about this on my blog before but when I feel low I instantly think to light a candle or use essential oils. They are an instant gratification source which I use a lot. Find an essential oil blend to uplift your mood or relax you! I like to set an intention with each candle I light because it provides a chance to turn over your negative mindset and bring positivity into the moment.


  1. Plan Social Events. I really like to reach out to my friends when I am at the lowest point of loneliness. I know it can be hard, and easier said than done. Text your friend you haven’t reached out to in a while, and see how they are. Even a small amount of communication can bring light to a dark time.


  1. Get outside. Seriously, if you don’t do any of the other things, simply step outside into nature and enjoy it. Whether it’s for five minutes or five hours, you’ll appreciate what you have and realize that this is all just temporary. Tomorrow can bring on anything and you are blessed to be part of it.

These are just a few ways to make feeling lonely not so lonely. Mental health is not something that ever should be pushed aside. It is a very significant part of who we are as humans and self-care should be a priority in everyone’s mind. I am truly grateful for the help I have gotten over the last several years and I hope if you are struggling, you reach out for help. If you want to add anything else, feel free to talk in the comments! I am listening!

Love Always,


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