July 2018 Thrift Store Finds

blog July 8, 2018

Hello, my loves!

Today I’m going to be doing another Thrift Store finds! It’s only the first week of July still but I’ve already found a few goodies which I’ve been super happy with having in my room. I do buy clothes as well at the thrift store but it’s harder to blog about them as opposed to home decor. I could definitely make a YouTube video hauling clothes, but for now I’ll just be posting about home decor and accessories!


The first thrifted item is this wicker stand which has cute heart details on the sides. I really liked this because I could easily pick it up and move it but it still has a decent amount of storage. For $3 USD it was a steal to me, and I will definitely be rotating items depending on the season.


The second item I purchased was a set of frames with what appears to be like a vintage post card or something inside. I don’t know if that was just the picture that came with the frame but I still think the color and the photo are cute. The other frame has a similarly drawn photo, just with a different label. I really like these and I’ve set one on each bedside table! Each frame was $1 USD.


I found this cute bunny binder holder and I really think it fits my vintage decor in my bedroom. I am currently using it to store mail and papers as well as a vintage tin where I store some extra makeup (random, I know). It cost me $1 USD!


Lastly, I bought this beautiful vintage looking necklace for $1 USD. I purchased this because it looks elegant but can be worn every day to make a statement. I typically either go for really gaudy jewelry like in the last haul or simple, more mature pieces.

I feel like for the prices that I’ve paid for these items, you just can’t beat it. I love shopping for inexpensive finds and anything to make my bedroom look more vintage but still functional makes me so happy!

I hope your weekend is going well and I will be posting again tomorrow (today, as it is past midnight..)

Until Next Time,


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