A Lifestyle Detox

Hello my loves,


It’s been a while and I cannot currently make any promises that I’ll be back 100% but I’ll be definitely making an effort at being better at posting. Life has been quite different for me the last month and a half and I’m embracing the changes but I also noticed my interests have changed a lot and while I can appreciate and still love beauty posts, I think a lot of my posts will now be geared towards topics of spirituality, lifestyle, and some natural (vegan) beauty posts or self-love topics! My blog has always been quite all over the place because it truly is a representation of my life. Thank you all for following along with me over this period when I’ve been blogging, I truly appreciate it!

So, today I’m going to be talking about my lifestyle changes in a little more detail. I hope these will encourage you to look at your own lifestyle and see where you are at!


I’ve decided to make some serious diet changes. Before I was eating healthy only part of the time and I kept blaming my medications for my weight gain when it was mostly resulting in what I was choosing to eat. Yes, medication is a contributing factor of a slow metabolism but I definitely wasn’t helping by eating processed foods. So, what I’ve decided is to change to a vegan diet. While it was very difficult for the first week or so, I’ve realized there are many foods I already love that are vegan and simply making the choice to not eat dairy or meat has helped with bloating and tiredness that I would get after eating heavy foods. I love being vegan and I am constantly learning new things about diet and health every day!


I realized that my general outlook on the world and people wasn’t always as positive as I may appear to be on the outside. A lot of the inner workings of my mind lead me to be critical of myself and others for no reason. I think a lot had to do with my upbringing as well as the way I was treated growing up. I now look at people very differently because I know they are struggling just like I was. If you look at people with an open heart instead of a closed mind, it truly can change your world. Giving people chances you may not have in the past is a huge effort but ti is so rewarding when you see how amazing they are!  My new outlook is to live by love and if you believe in it, it will turn your world upside down.


I often saw beauty and makeup as a way to pretend I was someone else. It was a chance to wake up every morning and become someone I liked as opposed to the person I didn’t like when I looked in the mirror. Now, I see it as more of a form of expression. I like using colors to express my mood or my personality. I’ve also realized a lot of the beauty products I was using were not always cruelty-free so I pitched those and I am also trying to lean towards all vegan products in my beauty regime. Obviously, it’s very hard to do but I’ve switched my body care products easily, my shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste, and lotions. I also am into vegan skincare, and I really like the Pacifica brand! They’re an amazing drugstore find and I love all they stand for!


Honestly, spirituality has become so important to me again. I tend to go in waves of it being a main component of my life and then not but I feel so strongly towards my beliefs that I cannot see myself abandoning it again. I believe God/Universal Energy is what is helping me through a lot of my daily struggles and if you just believe you will be enlightened in ways you could never imagine! I am so happy right now because I believe in this and it has made me a better person. Meditating, praying, and following your heart is the best thing I feel for our soul. Listening to yourself is a masterpiece in itself.


I decided to throw away most of my belongings about a month ago, and it has helped me clear space for things I actually need. I was in the habit of buying things to help my loneliness but it ended up making me have all this stuff I didn’t need or want. I have stayed focused on keeping my space minimal and am trying to only buy things I need. I’m still struggling a little with this but it has gotten remarkably better. I also started a new planner and feel it is always good to have  a fresh start when you’re detoxing your life. I also bought a few small notebooks to bullet journal different topics in. I think journaling is one of the best forms of creativity that can also heal many emotional wounds.

I hope this post helped anyone struggling with lifestyle conflicts right now. I know it’s hard to do all these things at once and I certainly don’t recommend that. I just think slowly changing some habits can truly help in the long run!

Until Next Time,


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