New Moon Ritual

Hi, my loves!

Today is a New Moon, which means it is the perfect time to reset. I practice a few different rituals which help bring new and positive energy into my life and helps leave any residue from the prior month behind.


  1. Clean your space. I know I mention this a lot on  my blog, but it is actually a spiritual practice when you use the intention of clearing bad energy out of your life. You can tidy, remove clutter, and organize. Take this time to address any paperwork or items in your home that just need to be looked at. I really like this time to look at bills I may have shoved aside or items of business that simply must get done. Try using a smudge stick to really emphasize the removal of negativity or old energy.
  2. Pull a few Tarot Cards. I like to get a feel for what the energy of the future moon cycle is going to be and using Tarot is a brilliant way to find some insight on this. You can do a spread of cards or simply pull one or two if you’re struggling with your spiritual focus.
  3. Meditate with crystals. Okay, so we all know I love crystals by this point. I specifically love using them during the New Moon and Full Moon because I feel m psychic abilities are highest at this time of the lunar cycle. I often meditate with Shamanic drums or some sort of music in the background but sometimes it is nice to just take a clear, deep breathing meditation and see where your energy is by the end. I personally recommend any variation of moonstone for this or any crystal which calls out to you.
  4. Take an energy cleansing bath or shower.  So, obviously we do this once a day already but during the New Moon I like to use this day to cleanse my body in a special way. I’ll take out special body care products and make sure I’m deeply, deeply scrubbing away (not literally) any frustration, upset, or negativity from the previous moon cycle. I do like to use essential oils in this ritual to promote a specific mood or atmosphere. I personally like anything rejuvenating like peppermint or eucalyptus . If you’re taking a bath or even a shower, try to incorporate the use of Epsom salt. It will draw out impurities and make your skin soft and feeling fresh.
  5. Set an intention or manifestation. I personally believe in manifesting during the course of the moon cycle. It has worked for me in the past, and it’s something I have absolute faith in. Last moon cycle, I asked the Universe to bring me more money and I was gifted back more than I could imagine! I personally, use manifestation as a prayer – so I say it verbally out loud and then write it down on paper. I personally use the law of attraction, and work with the Universe (God, in my view) to bring it to light. Sometimes, however, the Universe will bring it to you in a way you least expect! So, simply, I pray for it and then I write it down in the present tense, as if I already have what I am asking for. What you are manifesting has no bounds, and it can be money, new friendships, etc.  It works even better when you do all you can to achieve what it is you are asking for because then it will most definitely manifest in your life.

I genuinely believe in the power of the moon and I hope all the positive vibes comes to you during this time! If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments! Also, if you have your own moon ritual please feel free to share it there too!



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