Holistic Habits For A Sick Day

Hi, my loves!



As the weather gets cooler, we often become indoor creatures which often leads to a higher chance of getting a cold or some sort of illness in the house. So, today I thought I’d go over a few holistic habits we can use to either prevent or help us get through it easier.

  1. Sanitize your space. So, I often talk about cleaning in general but it is important during this time to really sanitize your surfaces as well as anything you touch or get close to. This includes door knobs, kitchen surfaces, cell phones, etc. This will prevent the virus or germs from forming and spreading quicker.
  2. Take Vitamins. I personally take vitamins every day, as a part of my wellness routine but now is the best time to start taking vitamin supplements like vitamin C or vitamin D. We typically do not even realize how deficient we are in these two vitamins so it is vital that we supplement them to ensure our immune system is fighting off colds and other illness properly.
  3. Oil pull. I don’t oil pull every day but when I feel I am getting sick I immediately start doing this daily. I think it is a very natural and easy way to remove toxins from the body using an easy technique. To oil pull, simply put an oil of your choice (digestible  – coconut, sesame, olive oil, etc) and use it like a mouth wash in your mouth for 20 minutes and then spit into a a disposable cup (oil will clog your pipes!). This is a way to let the oil absorb the toxins from your mouth which may cause bad breath or other slight infections from the rest of your body.
  4. Use essential oils. We all get headaches from time to time but they can become a very habitual occurrence when you’re sick. So, grab a roller ball of lavender and apply to the temples and this will be an almost instant soother for your pain. You can use eucalyptus essential oil on your chest if you are breathing heavier than usual or use peppermint to clear your nasal passages. Honestly, a diffuser is a wonderful thing for sick days.
  5. Drink tea, hydrate. When you’re sick it is wonderful to have a cup of tea to not only warm you up but to use a a medicinal drink. Personally, I like to have lemon tea when I’m sick and add some raw honey. One time I actually took a spoonful of honey and I swear my throat was fine the next day. I like peppermint tea when my stomach is bothering me, and there are many other teas you can buy specifically for certain ailments. I highly recommend Yogi tea! Drinking water is also key, and will keep your body hydrated and comfortable.
  6. Realize it’s okay to rest. I know we all want to go and go but sometimes our body is telling us literally “no, no”. We often get sick because we are over exerting ourselves and our energy. Simply turn off the phone, e-mail, work stuff, and rest. Enjoy your sleep and don’t push yourself if  you aren’t ready to return to work or “real life”. It is not worth needing to rehab again or get others sick.

I really am wishing you all a healthy time during this season change but if you do get sick maybe this list can help even a little! If you have any other suggestions please do post in the comments! I love hearing what others do to stay healthy during this time.

Love, Julie

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