Setting End Of The Year Goals

Hi, my loves!


I am such a big fan of setting goals and writing them down. I truly believe in the power of writing and manifestation. This is why I thought I’d share my end of the year goals with you to not only encourage myself to get on track with certain areas in my life but also so it may encourage you to do the same. I have been struggling the past three weeks to stick to my health goals. Due to my mental illness, motivation can be hard to come by and when I pressure myself to accomplish too great of task I often fall off and return to my original behavior within a month. That being said, I want to accomplish realistic goals for the end of the year. I am dividing my goals into different parts of my life – physical, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and social.

Physical Goals: 

  • Workout vigorously 3 times per week, for 45 minutes or more.
  • Add more antioxidant rich foods to diet daily.

Intellectual Goals:

  • No phone after 10 PM or before 10 AM.
  • Learn Essential Oil meanings by heart.

Spiritual Goals:

  • Spiritual Walk for 20 minutes per day (slow paced and mindful).
  • Start meditating to guided meditations as needed.

Emotional Goals:

  • Use essential oils for emotional regulation and grounding.
  • Journal when distressed.

Social Goals: 

  • Actively go into the community 2x a week or more if feeling lonely.
  • Spend as much time with friends as possible.

These are all obtainable for me if I put the time and effort in. Starting to work on your goals is  never easy but when you look back on everything you accomplished it is totally worth it.  I think it would be fun to hear some of your goals! Leave them in the comments if you feel comfortable sharing!

Love, Julie

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