Stay Hydrated With Seasonally Infused Waters

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No matter what the season, it is important to stay hydrated. While we often remember to drink plenty of water during the summer, it is equally as important to keep drinking enough of it during the colder months. Our bodies may not be in the heat of the sun, but we are being subjected to indoor heating and our bodies are adjusting to harsher, colder weather conditions. After even a short period of time this can cause our skin to look dehydrated and dull, and bodies can quickly become dehydrated.

Water, however, can be a bit plain. Do not worry, though! Infused water is here to save the day. Infused water is simply drinking the essence of fruits, vegetables, or herbs after is has been steeped in water for a period of time.

To infuse water, you simply add whatever ingredients you like to a pitcher of water and let sit in the refrigerator for several hours to let the fruit or herbs steep so that their benefits are infused in water. If you do not feel like waiting, there are also infusion tumblers which are available even at the dollar store! When it comes to measuring out how much to use, simply use your discretion and see what works for you. Part of the fun is creating new combinations!


For a crisp yet cozy combination of infused water, try adding apple slices with cinnamon sticks to your water. This will not only provide anti-oxidants from the apple, but it will also help you maintain your blood sugar levels (in case you have a treat or two).

We all need some vitamin C during this time of year, with cold season upon us. This is the perfect time to add some citrus to your water. You can add orange slices with basil. Orange provides the vitamins and basil provides relief for any stomach cramping or bloating.

We all love cranberry-white soda during the holidays, and there is an easy way to make it without all the sugar! You can add cranberries and mint to sparkling water and you have a tasty alternative. Add some lemon if you are feeling super risqué. The cranberries can help cure sore throat and overall provide nutrients for better health. The mint can reduce inflammation and help ease any stomach discomfort and the lemon can help with your immune system. See! You can have it all!

If you are in a rush, you can simply add some lemon and basil to your water and you can run out the door. It is important to remember that there is no wrong way to stay hydrated. If you must write yourself a note, buy a shiny new water bottle, or use an app on your phone, just know it is all for the greater good. We only get one body and it is important we do what we can to nourish and replenish it with what it needs. Your hydrated future self will thank you. Keep up the good work!


If you have a combination you like to drink, share it with us! Leave it in the comments below!



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