How To Work With Crystals // Pt 1


How To Work With Crystals // Pt 1

Hi, my loves!

It is a little behind but I promised a crystal blog post and here it is! I will be breaking it up into a few parts because I want to be as thorough as I can on such an interesting topic.

Crystals are not only beautiful stones, but they can be used for energy healing. Crystals are formed over thousands of years in the earth’s crust and each hold a unique vibration that has a similar anatomy to humans. These vibrations can interact with our vibration and can either raise, lower, or keep our vibration stable just by being near them.

Each crystal has various healing properties that can assist you on a spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental level. Each crystal also has a chakra (or energy wheel in the body) which is associated with that crystal, depending on the color or frequency it aligns with.

The most important part you must remember about crystals is they absorb the energy that they come in contact with. To keep your crystal’s vibration at its highest level you must make sure you are cleansing your crystals before you do anything else and frequently continue to cleanse them (every full moon or once a month is fine – depending on how frequently you work with them).

Crystals can help in healing in many ways. For instance, you can simply set an intention for your crystal and the crystal will respond to your energetic need. By keeping this crystal near you or even on you, you are reminded of your intention and can start pursuing what it is you need to balance in your life and your crystal will be there to support you.

If you are sensitive to energy, you may be able to feel the pull a crystal has on you just by touching it. Some people may be less sensitive to their energies and it may take some time to notice how you are being affected by your crystal. For some people, they can communicate with crystals on a very real basis and get their messages from crystals in that form. Others, like myself, can use journaling techniques to channel their crystals. I highly recommend this to anyone who has never had clairaudience (the ability to hear voices) or clairvoyant (the ability to see images) experiences in their life. You can do the journaling by doing automatic writing which is a form of writing where your consciousness flows freely and since you are holding your crystal, the voice that is coming out onto paper is more energetically the crystal than your own.

You can meditate with your crystals, which can be very enlightening. It is almost like turning on a reset button in your mind. While meditating, you can ask the crystal to help you break through with any difficulties you are having and they can help realign your energy with that of which you are seeking.

I will continue with crystals in another post coming up soon. For now, I hope this explains even a little about crystals and how to work with them. The subject is an expansive, lengthy one.

Have a magical day ~

Until Next,


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