Writing For Self-Love And Self-Care

Hello, my loves!

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I have never talked much about my love for writing on this blog other than my obvious blogging. There is a very strongly rooted part of me which wishes I could just write the rest of my life and do nothing else. However, it is all about balance. Writing is something that can allow the monsters in your head to be released through ink or on a screen and it is a magical process which can literally heal the deepest wounds that may be keeping your mind deep, dark places.

Writing takes no amount of skill, it takes almost no resources at all — a simple pen and paper will do or a keyboard connected to any device you choose. I honestly think the best thing to do is write freely. Instead of constructing your words, let them flow freely from your mind onto your medium. This will happen so fast you often forget what you are writing. You can also easily be transported into a different realm of consciousness during this period of time. There is no wrong way to write. You simply must just begin.

You can write poetry, short stories, novels, memoirs, quotes, reflections, etc. Literally, everything that you write will help you heal. Regardless of the story, part of you is in those characters or in that poem. It is letting you exhaust some of your pain and it allows you to find a new perspective every time. Words can harm, but they can also heal. When reading what you write, it is perfectly okay to be negative, or realistic about what you have gone through. Hiding behind a wall of falseness will only create more pain.

The reason I still write very raw, and sad poetry is because it is how I cope with those memories. I want to learn that that isn’t a place I want to be anymore, but if someone can relate to it and know they are not alone – then I am doing what I sought out to do. Language is meant to connect us, not dissociate us. We were meant to express ourselves and the easiest way to do that is to be authentic with what you are writing or saying. Even if it hurts to say aloud, or write down, do it anyways. It will break the barrier between what you think is okay, and what you know is okay.

You are a powerful creature. Start today by allowing yourself to be exactly who you are, not who you are expected to be or who you expect yourself to be. Use words, use imagination to come to terms with the fact that your heart is pure — no matter what you do – you’re a light for this world and through your words, written or otherwise-  you can learn to love yourself the way you were intended to.

If you love to journal, or write, please share in the comments what your routine is or what inspires you to get out your writing tools.



4 thoughts on “Writing For Self-Love And Self-Care

  1. This is amazing! Your description is spot on and beautiful. I relate to everything you said. Writing is so healing for me as well. I started blogging as a way to express different aspects of my life and experiences in a real and honestly way. I think one of my favorite ways to write is in a spiritual/personal growth journal. I bought a bullet journal a couple of months ago and wrote in it when I feel inspired to. I never plan out what I will write about, but instead listen to my soul and let the process flow naturally. It takes a lot of pressure off doing it this way, I’ve seen various bullet journals online that are too perfect or planned out for my taste. I just create what feels right and it’s very liberating!

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