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A Cozy Harry Potter Weekend

blog October 28, 2018

Hi, my loves!

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I hope you are all enjoying the weekend. I have been relaxing at home enjoying the cooler weather and getting cozy. With this weekend I’ve spent it re-watching (for the hundredth time…) the Harry Potter series. Today I’m going to share a few ways you can make your weekends or week a little more magical!

Get Sorted

Of course we all want to go to Hogwarts. So, why not find out your school house on Pottermore?

Pottermore is a website dedicated to the world of Harry Potter and can fill you in on some of the unknowns of the Harry Potter series. There is a Sorting Hat quiz you can take to decide which house you belong in. I got Hufflepuff!

You can follow the link here: Pottermore

Drink Butterbeer!

If you have read the books or watched the movies, you know that the most comforting beverage in the wizarding world is butterbeer, which is a delicious wizard drink, served warm and foaming in tankards or chilled in bottles. The drink is butterscotch based and you can make it at home and pretend you’re at the Three Broomsticks!

1/4 cup sweetened condensed milk

1/4 cup butterscotch topping

2 tablespoons whipped butter, room temperature

1 1/2 cups vanilla cream soda

Old-fashioned butterscotch candy sticks, for garnish

Combine condensed milk, butterscotch topping, and butter in a glass heatproof measuring cup. Heat in microwave for 1 minute. Remove and stir until butter has melted and incorporated into mixture. Meanwhile heat cream soda in another heatproof measuring cup for 1 minute 30 seconds.

Divide butterscotch mixture between two 10- to 12-ounce mugs. Fill mugs with heated cream soda and stir thoroughly. Serve garnished with an old-fashioned butterscotch candy stick.

When In Doubt..Go To The Library

Hermione is known for her wit and wisdom and she always is in the library. Try to go to your local library or pick out a book from your own library that intrigues you and spend some time reading. You can even read the Harry Potter series if you feel so inclined! This is one of the coziest activities you can do in my opinion and it expands your mind and perspective so much. Just remember no restricted section without permission! 

It’s Not Much But It’s Home

We all want clean and tidy homes but just because your house is clean doesn’t mean it can’t be cozy! Try to find some home decor which makes you smile and feel Burrow-ish. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it can literally be a decorative pillow or a blanket to throw over a chair or adding candles or fairy lights to a room. Spend some time thinking about what makes you feel at home and add some of that into your space! Mrs. Weasley always made her house welcoming even if everything didn’t always fit into place.

Write A Letter And Use The (Owl) Post

Everyone tends to be on an e-mail, texting, etc, trend and we often forget how special it is to receive a hand written letter. Make time in your week to send a letter to someone you are thinking of but haven’t seen in a while, even if you talk to them every day. You could hand make a card and even write it with a quill or use calligraphy! Be creative and make it a point to do this more regularly. Send it off and you and your loved one will both enjoy the time you took.

Have a magical weekend, and a wonderful week~


My Choices for Fall Perfumes

Uncategorized November 5, 2017


Happy Sunday, darlings!

If you couldn’t tell, Fall is my favorite season. It has the perfect weather, foods, and activities that certainly make it easy to love. Another reason I adore fall is that it means that richer and sweeter scents are on the market. In this post, I will talk about four of my favorite fall time perfumes or body sprays that I have been using this season so far.

Zum Mist: with Frankincense & Myrrh.  I am a huge fan of essential oils so when I saw this at Target I had to grab it. I am very fond of the smell of Frankincense and together with Myrrh, it is exactly as it is described: dreamy and woodsy. It is a scent which will last almost all day, and can also be used as a room spray. This scent is difficult to describe because it is purely two essential oils mixed together but I urge you to smell this one if you see it in store.

Viktor & Rolf: Flower Bomb. Now, this is a perfume, which makes it a lot more fragrant and has a longer lasting power. Flower bomb is a warm floral scent is how I would personally describe it. According to their website, it is described as a feminine, fresh, floral. I love this for the fall because it is so heavy and continues to last throughout the day but it is not potent or nauseating as some can be.

Bath&Body: Salted Caramel Apricot. Salted caramel apricot is the epitome of fall scents. This is a warm, fuzzy, sweet scent which reminds me of fall treats baking in the oven. If they do not have this seasonal scent next year I will be super disappointed because this particular fragrance has made me feel warm and cozy every time I put it on. The smell is exactly what it sounds like, warm caramel with an apricot underlying scent. Run to Bath & Body,  you won’t regret it!

Calvin Klein: CK2. CK2 is a different type of fragrance. The best way I can describe it is peppery yet fresh. It is a gender neutral fragrance which I totally believe is true. I honestly think it leans more on the masculine side of fragrance but that may just be because of my other personal choices in fragrance. According to the website, this is a fresh, warm, and electric type of fragrance. This fragrance will definitely get you compliments! It is very unique and I am glad it is part of my collection.

It was truly hard to pick my favorite fall time scents but these were the few I have been reaching for lately!

Leave a comment and tell me your favorite fall fragrance! I’d love that!


15 Ways to Have a Cozy Fall

Uncategorized October 29, 2017



Hello, my lovelies,

It is now completely the fall season! We can rejoice with the sounds of crunching leaves and football and as the weather gets colder we can snuggle in for a warm night by the fireplace. With this, I came up with a list of different ways you can enjoy a cozy fall season.

  1. Light a fall scented candle while making homemade popcorn – use coconut oil for a healthier option.
  2. Drink tea while reading your favorite book. Honestly, we all need to get lost in a different world sometimes and tea is always a comforting drink.
  3. Have a pamper night and use a coffee scrub. Pampering is a great way to spend a cold evening, and a coffee scrub will bring life back into your skin whilst exfoliating.
  4. If you have a fireplace, light a fire or turn it on and drink apple cider while thinking of all the things you are grateful for. If you don’t have a fireplace you can always use one of the online ones!
  5. Walk to your local coffee shop and order a warm beverage (perhaps a hot chocolate or pumpkin spice latte). You won’t be able to do this once winter comes!
  6. Wear an oversized sweater and make a seasonal treat like roasted pumpkin seeds or squash soup, then dance around the house!
  7. Play a board game with your friends or family, make a night out of it! Apples to apples is always a common favorite.
  8. Start a bullet journal and fill it with your goals or even a fall bucket list, and try to cross a few off!
  9. Watch a documentary about something you are interested in on Netflix! Or rewatch your favorite episodes of a TV show.
  10. Paint your nails, or get your nails done. We all need to take care of our hands when the weather gets cooler.
  11. Play with your pet or spend an evening with them. Sometimes we are too busy to really spend quality time with our animals but they will love it as much as you will!
  12. Plan out a list of chores that need to be done around the house for fall/winter and then do them! This will allow you to plan out times for each task you need to accomplish.
  13. Rake leaves, jump in them, have fun outside! It’s fun to spend time in nature as well as get chores done.
  14. Choose a topic to study and spend time studying it. This can be something you already know about but want to know more or something brand new you never learned.
  15. Do brain aerobics like crosswords or Wordsearch puzzles – you can also play brain games on your phone. This is a fun pastime with benefits!

These are just a few activities you can do without spending too much money that may make you smile at the end of the day.

Have a great day, and enjoy the fall season!

  • Julie