How To Get Through A Bad Day

Hello, my loves!


Today, I’m going to be discussing something that we’ve all had – all of us! A bad day.

It always seems to happen when we went to sleep looking forward to something and we end up waking up in a flustered mood. This doesn’t need to prevent you from having a day you can at least tolerate. Instead of trying to fix everything, why not try a few simple methods to banish the blues and finish your day with positive vibes.

Be grateful. Whether or not you are having a bad day, you should always make time to be grateful. It literally takes three seconds to think of one thing you are grateful for and this will ease the pain of feeling low about your bad morning. If you have time, you could meditate on something you feel positive about in your life and this typically can sway your mood into a more loving and appreciative one.

Snuggle your pets. Honestly, to get through a bad day alone is difficult but if you need some extra love – snuggle up to your pets! Or your hubby. There is something very therapeutic about petting your animals, and that will release any tension you may have due to having an off day.

Stay Focused. Bad days happen, but that doesn’t mean you need to let it ruin your progress on a task you may be working on. You may want to just lay in bed but focusing on getting a project done can be a wonderful distraction. Pick up your to-do list and start checking things off and you will have no issue getting through your day.

Journal. One of the most rewarding practices you can do is journal. If you don’t want to verbalize your problems, try to write them down. It is a safe space to keep your thoughts organized and maintain a level of sanity when moments like these occur. Try to be as direct as possible and let what is really bothering you out. Sometimes bad days are not just bad days and they are the result of stress or being overworked.

Have Fun. Honestly, the easiest way to get your bad day back on track to a good one is to have some fun. Remember, life isn’t always going to be easy but you always get another day. Try to do some dancing, read an interesting book, go to a yoga class, get together with your friends, or anything you find exciting.

It’s always hard to have a bad day, but I hope some of these ideas can help you if you are having one!