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How To Start Fresh & Make Changes

Uncategorized November 10, 2017

Hello, lovelies!

So today my blog post is going to be about starting fresh or making lifestyle changes when it seems like it is impossible. I have been in situations where it seems like the raincloud will not stop hovering over me and I felt like there was no escape from negativity in my life. I think it is important to remember we can start over and tomorrow, or even right now is a perfect time to do so. Below is an overview of what can help when you have to make a change in your life for the better. This is a repost of a blog I had done on a previous blog but I felt it was fitting for here today.

  • The first step in beginning again is truly spending time discovering what it is that is bothering you and be specific. If you feel, for example, you have been living an unhealthy lifestyle lately, ask yourself what it is that started you to decline on taking care of yourself. Go through and write down every thought you have that is in regards to your issue or issues and acknowledge it IS an issue. Sometimes we lie to ourselves and pretend it is not a huge deal that we are suffering. Anything from negative self-talk to binge drinking and everything in between can affect us more than we realize. The truth is if it is in any way making you uncomfortable, you need to address it but do not feel guilty about it. Write out your feelings, and any emotions you have, fill a notebook, fill two notebooks! This is the most important part of the process!
  • Now that you have written down and dissected the problem, ask yourself what you want to do about it. Is it something that you need to completely remove from your life or is it something you just need to modify? Write this down now. We often have habits we want to change but the task seems daunting. If you state what you specifically intend to change, it makes it easier.
  • Make a plan. You have now written down what is bothering you, you have written down everything that led up to the issue and what feelings you have surrounding it so the next step is to make a plan! So, if your unhealthy lifestyle is what you want to change – how are you going to do that? Make a list of things you can actually start doing, not things you just have good intentions for. This list can be short or a mile long, it doesn’t matter but you need to start somewhere. After this list is done, make another list – the “good intentions” list. These are things you want to get done eventually, but cannot do right away. You can work on these after you have made the original list a priority and a habit.
  • Focus. If you really want to change and start over fresh, it is not easy, and it takes time. There are not many people who are going to tell you they love breaking bad habits or making life changes but you will feel wonderful after you invest your time in making yourself happier and healthier. You are doing this for you and only you so make sure you are focusing on the WHO and WHY, the WHAT, WHERE, WHEN will fall into place.
  • Do it! I honestly feel if you take the time to process your feelings and actions they will be easier to mold into what you desire them to be. If it takes you longer do one of these steps, that isn’t an issue! This is all about you and I know you can do anything you set your mind to, so go ahead and get started on switching the light on in the darkness. You’ve got this, so go get it!

This may have been a more serious toned blog but I honestly believe in this method. The feelings behind our habits/actions/beliefs/attitudes are so important but rarely get addressed. I truly believe taking the time to analyze them and let them be known in their full capacity to ourselves is essential for personal growth.

Until next –

Much love,


Creating an Effective To-Do List

blog, organization October 12, 2017


We all have a massive, on-going list in our heads or on paper that we hope to accomplish but when we are trying to accomplish so much we often end up accomplishing little to nothing due to feeling overwhelmed. So, how do we establish a method for effective to-do lists? Well, trial and error is a great way to see what works for us and what doesn’t but I am going to go through some tips on how to accomplish your to-do list.

So to start, it is often the best to do a brain dump, which is basically writing down every single thing that is currently in the front or even in the recesses of your mind. By writing down what is going through your thoughts, you are able to physically look at what goals you should focus on or what tasks you may need to accomplish to gain peace of mind.

Once you have a list of every possible thing, the next step is to prioritize. At this point, you can start scanning through your list and see what is least important and what is most important. If something is not a priority for you, you can choose to exempt it from the list or perhaps even if it is a feeling or a situation you can expand in a journal, etc.  If it is a priority to you, write it down as the first thing on your list and work your way down to the less important tasks or goals.

When writing your list, you will want to include as much information as possible. This means when you write a goal or task down, include how long it may take, what steps you need to achieve the goal and a deadline. These are key components to a healthy to-do list so that you do not have any surprises or anxiety when it comes to actually doing the task and you will be prepared for whatever comes. If you do have anxiety over it, feel free to journal about your specific goal or task and try to find out what it is that is causing the stress and even ask for help if it is needed.

Now that you have the list in front of you, try to keep your expectations realistic. Do not set deadlines that you know you will not accomplish. Do not schedule everything for one day even if the tasks seem minimal. It is better to set three tasks to accomplish a day than ten or twelve and in turn feel guilty for not getting them done.

I’ve noticed that consistently crossing or checking off items on my to-do list has made me feel like I have a purpose in my life even if some of the tasks are small or mundane routine items. In fact, sometimes if you’re struggling to mark things off you may want to start by writing things you know you already do or should be doing so that you can start seeing progress.

I am a firm believer of having an organized mind and writing your efforts down will help you with following your dreams and becoming exactly who you want to be! Even if it seems difficult, you have all the potential in the world and anything you dream can come true, I believe in you!

Hope this post helped anyone struggling with their goals/thoughts/daily tasks.

Wishing you a wonderful night, and a happy tomorrow!

  • Julie