Self-Care Essentials

Hello, lovelies!

Today I am going to be talking about a few self-care essentials, or a self-care starter kit for everyday use. I think the philosophy behind self-care is wonderful, and it allows us to take care of ourselves to allow us to have the capacity to take care of others. We are constantly concerned about other people’s care but rarely do we think of our own when people close to us are stressed out as well. I thought it would be a great idea to post some of the things I use for my own self-care. At the moment I am recovering from a very stressful month and have used certain techniques to bring myself back to a more relaxed state.

Here are a few essentials for a self-care routine:

A clean space. A clean space will allow you to not have to think about when you need to make the bed next or fold your laundry because it will already be done. Spend a while looking at your space, whether it just be your bedroom or your whole house. This will allow you to assess what needs to be done, what you need to change, and then change it. Our minds cannot relax if we are constantly looking at a mess around us or thinking about our next set of chores. The cleaning may not all get done in one round but you will find if you work on decluttering and cleaning, over time it will become second nature and you will feel the relief and know you are taking care of yourself and your things.

Aromatherapy. This method of relaxation has been around for ages, and it is one that will never cease to work (unless you are sensitive to smell). I have always loved candles not only for the scent but for the calming warmth they provide. Lighting a candle is like opening up a new environment because every candle is slightly different, and it could be summer and you could immediately be transported to a winter with a woodsy candle. It’s similar to perfumes, one day you may choose to wear a fragrance you wore over the autumn months during July and you remember the days of falling leaves just by smelling it on your skin. My suggestion to you is to spray your favorite perfume before you head out the door, whether it be on you or around you. This will be a great way to start off your day, especially if you are in a gloomy mood. Essential oils are also a great option as well.

Garden. This may be more of a seasonal suggestion but getting yourself out in nature and gardening is a wonderful way to soothe your anxiety or feeling of being overwhelmed. If I ever feel like I cannot handle being inside or simply feel like too many things are on my mind I take a break and go outside. I honestly will say I used to dislike pulling weeds or getting my hands dirty but now I feel it’s a blessing from nature to me. The fresh air, the slight sweaty feeling from getting out in the sun and being physical is worth doing. Even if you just want to go outside and pick a few weeds or sit in the grass and run your hands through it, it will help.

Tea. I do not know where I would be without tea, and I am not being dramatic. Tea has been a source of happiness for me over the last five years. It is almost the steps you take to make the tea that is the most rewarding for me. I love heating up the kettle, and pouring the hot water over the tea leaves, and the decision of what tea I want to drink just makes me so very happy – and don’t forget to pick out the mug! Honestly, it’s just a nice routine to have in the morning or in the evening or any time of day that helps you slow down a bit and take time for yourself which is what we all need. Plus it’s delicious! My favorite tea is peppermint at the moment but I also am partial to flavored green teas, and my mug of choice is a mermaid one from Pier One. What are your favorites?

Time. To be quite honest, the thing we need most to take care of ourselves is time to ourselves. We need time to digest what is happening, and let ourselves express our emotions even if it is just to ourselves. We don’t need to think for hours on end, but we do need to process and feel.

Some activities you might want to try for your self-care routine are:

taking a long bath
giving yourself a scalp massage
creative writing
art therapy
brain aerobics
crocheting or knitting
light exercise
preparing your favorite dish
talking to a friend
watching a comedy
planning in your planner
shopping at a local farmer’s market
eating a sweet treat
going to sleep early
sleeping in
going for a drive
playing with your pet
playing a video game
planning a trip
paint your nails
research something you’ve always wanted to know about

Anything that inspires you, or makes you feel happy and whole is perfect for self-care. You are beautiful, intelligent, caring, and perfect just the way you are! Remember that! Let me know in the comments what you do for yourself to show you love yourself. I am always eager to hear about other people’s self-care routines.

Until next time,

– Julie.


Get To Know Me! <3

Hello, my gorgeous friends!

Today I thought I’d do a less formal blog post and talk about a subject I don’t like to talk about too much but the subject is me! I want to get to know who is reading my blog and I also want you guys to feel like you actually know who is writing all these posts.

My name is Julie, and I love Alice in Wonderland, which is why I named my website after it.

So, I guess I should start off with the basics – I am twenty-seven and I live in Wisconsin. I have a dog named Bellatrix, named after the Harry Potter character who is a Yorkie. I love to spend most of my time outside (weather permitted) but I also love being cozy and spending time with my friends and family or just drinking tea, binge-watching British television programs. I have been writing for what seems like forever, and it is actually what I would like to do as a profession one day. Writing, music, art, literature, and dance are my favorite things. I am a huge mental health advocate as I do suffer from Schizoaffective (mood induced schizophrenia). I love beauty, and my sister is actually what influenced a lot of my love for beauty because she is an excellent makeup artist. As far as my own makeup choices, I do tend to go for a more natural look but I think experimenting with makeup can be so much fun, which is why I have chosen to affiliate with several beauty brands with different price points and a variety of products and all the products I talk about on my blog are ones I truly use every day or at least can give a recommendation from using them.

Some of my favorite things are Harry Potter, alternative music, Spongebob, thrift shopping, organizing/cleaning, making lists, decorating, volunteering, going to parks, avocados, crystals, perfume, baking vegan treats.

I love getting to know people, especially those with the same interests as me. If you are reading my blog please comment below with your name and a fun fact about you. Also if you ever need anything, even someone to vent to, please do not hesitate to reach out to me – I am here to build a community if I can. I am going to add a contact page to my site in the very near future so if you ever have anything you want to say to me in private, feel free to use that page.

I am all for girl power, girl bosses, and of course boy power and boy bosses. I do not discriminate and I have an open mind and heart.

I also am planning to do a small Holiday give away in December, if there’s enough interest so let me know if you’d like that!

Thank you for reading, and I will be posting again tomorrow!


Write now.

Hello, my dears! So, I thought today I’d just post a writing sample of mine. Writing helps me to educate myself on my feelings and it is my favorite creative expression. I feel too much a lot of the time, so getting it out is very therapeutic. Hope this may inspire you to do the same today! Regular posts will be back soon! ❤

We all have a purpose. Sometimes the purpose of our lives is to simply live it without questioning this purpose, for others, it is the only question we ask ourselves. I believe my own purpose is somewhere lost in the depths of my soul, and perhaps the journey of wandering aimlessly is the only path I’ll ever know. I feel lost and insecure most days, strong and stable others. I do not know where my life is going, and sometimes it is good to be paused without a forward or reverse. Paused in motion too long, however, can result in more chaos than one would realize. In the end, we choose our purpose and mine is to laugh, love, and create. I do not have a need for material possessions or passions which involve wealth and nothing else. I’d rather help, than be helped and I wish others felt the same. We are not meant to be greedy, hateful creatures but rather kind and compassionate with a strong sense of self but a sense of those around us as well. I am a lost soul, in the rain – comfortable but cold some days. I’ll find the sun, though, and I’ll be warm again.